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Welcome to the new SUEPO website!
If you would like to know how to get access to the full content of the website, to subscribe to RSS feeds, or to report possible dead links, please read the full article.

Monthly password

If, as a SUEPO member, you are subscribed to the mailing lists of your local section, you should receive the 'monthly' password per email at the beginning of the month.
In order to get access to the whole content of the website (public and restricted), please first click on the face icon

and enter the 'monthly' password in the password field:

Then, click on login. If you are successful, you would see the following popup confirmation:

RSS Feeds

There are various RSS feeds you may wish to subscribe to:

  public restricted
All publications: RSS - All public RSS - All restricted
Central publications only RSS - Central public RSS - Central restricted
Berlin publications only RSS - Berlin public RSS - Berlin restricted
Munich publications only RSS - Munich public RSS - Munich restricted
The Hague publications only RSS - The Hague public RSS - The Hague restricted
Vienna publications only RSS - Vienna public RSS - Vienna restricted

Reporting dead links

If, when browsing the website, you encounter the following message:

403 Error - Access denied

You do not have permission to retrieve the page you requested.
To access the requested content please login with the monthly password.

Suepo Administration

we refer you to the section about the 'monthly password' above.

However, if you encounter the following message:

404 Error - Page not found

The page you requested could not be found.
Please, verify the address or go back to the homepage http://suepo.org.
Suepo Administration

and you are sure that the content should exist, then please report the dead link to the webmaster (at suepo.org).